REM Canada has extensive and diverse reliability expertise in all areas and stages of the asset life-cycle including; technology development, capital projects, asset selection or acquisition, readiness for operation, and operation and maintenance.

Our reliability services include the following:

Criticality Classification / Consequence Analysis: This is the starting point in development of equipment strategies, risk management, and also enables standardized work prioritization in an operating environment.

Equipment Strategy Development & Capital Spares: We have ample experience in development of equipment and spares strategies in any stage of the asset life-cycle. By using recognized best processes such as RCM, RAM, RBM, and RBI, we ensure that your strategies mitigate operational risk in the most cost effective manner.

Reliability in Capital Projects:  By performing a reliability management function that is integrated inside the project phases, we ensure the ability of your new system to deliver its target operational and financial performance over its life cycle identifying optimum cost solutions and preventing headaches after start up.  Reliability in design is the most cost-effective approach. We bring our maintenance, reliability and risk management expertise  as assurance for design out or proper mitigation of critical failures as per your risk tolerance criteria, and bringing early into the spotlight, the design of your Turn Around strategy, the definition of your equipment, spares and integrity strategy, and condition monitoring requirements, assessing and fine-tuning the overall performance of your design, including all these factors.

Project Readiness – Transfer to Operations: Before your project ends, We assist the preparation of your equipment (PMs) and integrity management strategies, your critical spares, your TA strategy, and do the proper set up of your CMMS / asset management system, including your work order management process and tools ( work prioritization, risk-based screening, scheduling), asset data structure, documentation, and training.

New plant/technology Reliability Improvement: Reliability problems in new plants or new technologies can be very complex and overwhelming. Our REM™ methodology has a proven success record as the most time and cost-effective approach to navigating out of the crisis.

Operation and Maintenance Reliability Improvement:  We offer both tactical and systemic solutions in any of the following two scenarios: your failure rate or the condition of your assets has become a constant threat to your safety, environment and business performance, or, you need to improve maintenance, reliability and operational performance vs. cost.

CMMS / Asset Management System: We have ample expertise in implementing or re-configuring software systems that effectively support your asset management, maintenance work management process, cost, reliability and integrity management requirements. This also includes data management elements such as: Plant Hierarchy (FLOC/EQ), PMs, BOMs, etc.

Reliability Expert Systems / Condition Monitoring Technology:  We have participated in design and implementation of rules based database systems, and real-time computer platforms to manage process and equipment condition, failure detection, and event-driven production loss/reliability tracking.

Reliability Studies: We offer services related to: Design / Option Analysis,  Selection of Technology, Criticality / Consequence Analysis, RCM equipment strategy development, FMECA, and Reliability Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Simulation.

RAM Modelling: We strongly recommend the use of RAM models in the early stages of design and throughout the development of any new production plant/system. Additionally, RAM simulation is very helpful in optimization of maintenance strategies, optimization of maintenance logistical support in large geographical operations, inspection strategies and critical spares, or to measure/assess the impact of changes or proposed improvements.

Root Cause Analysis / Failure Investigations: We are one call away to assist you in failure investigations, RCAs.

Coaching:  Coaching is one of our most popular services for organizational leaders ( 101) or for high performing teams.  Coaching is based on actual collaborative on the job interaction and combines elements of formal training or instruction as needed.

Training: We have standard classroom training courses or seminars, in any risk or reliability related topic of your interest, but very often we customize the training material to adapt it to size, knowledge level, roles and responsibilities, and time constraints of the clients.

Our most popular training modules are:

  • Reliability and Equipment Strategy Development; Reliability Fundamentals, Criticality/Consequence Analysis, Risk, FMECA, RCM, and application of CM, PdM Technology
  • Failure Analysis: Failure Investigation Process, FTA, Logic Tree, FMEA, 5 Whys, Cause and Effect
  • Weibull Analysis
  • Integrity Strategy Development; Includes: The Integrity Management System, Risk, API Standards and Risk-Based Inspection, AB-505, API RP 580
  • RAM Simulation

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