Project Risk Management

It is been recognized by all project management organizations (i.e. PMI, AACE, CII) that project risk management is the most important process that a project team has to increase the likelihood of project success.

REM Canada makes available its advanced expertise in project risk management, to any type, size,  and complexity of project environment.

Our portfolio of services in project risk management includes:

Risk Management Framework:  We design and implement  fit for purpose risk management frameworks, and risk tools, understanding your project team maturity levels, and the nature of your specific projects or project programs. Our expertise ensures the proper integration of risk management into all the other project management functions throughout the complete life-cycle.

Successful  implementations also include strong training and coaching to all members of the project team.

Project Risk Audits: We assess how well your project has identified and its managing its current risk, and where it is trending, looking at all aspects;   Team competencies, Scope, Cost and Schedule Risk, as well as assessing the health of all your critical project management functions: Risk Management, Planning, Scheduling, Contracting, Procurement, Estimate, and Execution Controls.

We submit a comprehensive report, highlighting deficiencies, recommending corrective solutions, or risk control plans.

Risk Cold Eye Reviews:  Cold eyes reviews provide an independent expert assessment of your Project Execution Plan, Basis of Estimate, Risk Register, Contingency, and Schedule, in order to highlight deficiencies, strengths and recommend improvement actions.

Facilitation:  We facilitate all risk-related activities, best practices in your project: Constructability Reviews, Project Risk Identification and Review Sessions, PHAs

Risk-based Contingency Calculation: Using risk-based quantitative methods, We calculate the amount of money your estimate will need to meet your monetary and time contingency

Risk-based Decision Analysis: In any stage of a project, very complex or crucial decisions need to be made.  By applying best practices and methods of risk scenario analysis, we can facilitate the decision process and the corresponding elaboration of risk management plans associated with the recommended course of action.

Project Risk Management Training: We offer the following standard courses:

  • Project Risk Management Fundamentals: Creates a standard baseline for effective risk management in a project team.
  • Project Schedule Risk Analysis: Recommended for project leaders, project controls team (project schedulers) and risk leads.
  • Advanced Project Risk Management:Designed for project risk managers and risk analyst roles.
  • Risk based Contingency: Project leaders, project controls and risk leads.

Risk Management Coaching: Recommended for personnel in critical positions in a project team, so they can lead in a confident way , best risk management practices.

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