Operational Excellence

We offer our valuable know-how and learnings in Operational Excellence (OE), based on our involvement in several major OE implementations with worldwide industry leaders.  Our unique approach is fast, lean, and immediately focused on delivering measurable bottom-line results, typically within 3 months.

From day one, we pursue this throughout the integrated definition and re-tuning of the management systems of the company, restoring alignment between top business indicators and business processes, people, tools and controls, ensuring reliable and efficient performance of asset management functions, and avoiding the trap of distracting the organization with time consuming studies or non-value added activities (fluff).

Our consulting approach in OE is holistic and in compliance with ISO 55000 guidelines, aiming at the efficient utilization of the business assets: Money, People, Physical Assets (Buildings and Equipment), Data, Know-how and Time.  We combined best in class practices with our unique REM™ methodology.We ensure that sound principles of planning, risk, reliability and efficiency management are embedded in each business process and in the skill set that everyone in any critical position should have.  When this is obtained, continuous improvement naturally occurs as part of the management review cycles inside each organic function.

OE efforts are executed understanding the present business needs and risks, cultural maturity of each organization, leveraging in its strengths, technologies,  resources, and following due Management of Change.

We measure OE success when the company delivers consistent quarterly financial performance, managing in a successful way the risks of its changing production and economic environment, demonstrating the ability to improve results.  This implies that its products or services are delivered to its customers in a reliable way, at the specified quality, and target cost in compliance with environmental and safety requirements.


If you are interested in our OE services or require additional information, please, contact us.