Efficiency Management

In asset intensive continuous manufacturing processes (i.e. oil & gas), efficiency management is perhaps the least practiced of the core processes that lead to operational excellence. In contrast, discrete manufacturing has developed a larger need and awareness for efficiency management relying heavily on application of tools and methodologies, not usually as part of an integrated management system, but as discrete efforts done by few appointed individuals or seasonal consultants tasked with continuous improvement functions.  Some of the most well known tools and methodologies we are referring to are: Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Manufacturing, TPM.

REM Canada’s approach focuses on the implementation of efficiency management as part of an integrated system inside each of the organic functions of the company keeping perfect alignment to the top business indicators. In these approach, all tools are valid, including those in the realm of cost analysis, reliability and risk management, on as needed basis, in service of efficient and reliable operational performance, quality, continuous improvement or elimination of bad actors.

As an example, some of the top efficiency indicators we include in our efficiency management system are:

Profit Margin, Asset Turnover, Use of Availability, Process Conversion Efficiency,  % Capacity Utilization, % Production at Quality.

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